Private Dining Room

Our Private Dining Room is ideal for an intimate and elegant event, from a romantic dinner to a Family Dinner, or even a business meeting. Decorated with original pieces, this small dining room evokes a Family Colonial Home.

  • Measures: 16.5ft x 13ft
  • Features: Closed Area Roofing and Air Conditioning.
  • Capacity: Class room 30 pax, Banquet 16 pax




Located between our garden, along with the fountains of the house and its sky decorated with original French Pierre Sacoman tiles from the eighteenth century, this area offers privacy in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.

  • Dimensions: 13ft x 9.8ft
  • Features: Roofing and Open Space, Ceiling Fans.
  • Capacity: Class room 40, Banquet 30 pax




Central Patio

Is the main area of the house, the central courtyard is surrounded by arcades and imposing feature of the houses of the sixteenth century, decorated by a marble angel by the sculptor G. Nicolini and under the sky of the city, this space is ideal for a small private wedding or cocktail party.

  • Measurements: 46ft x 30ft
  • Features: Open Space
  • Capacity: Banquet 70 pax