Ten Things To Do and Visit in Campeche by Casa Don Gustavo

We want you to experience Campeche at the fullest, for this reason we´ve prepared a list of the Top Ten Things To Do and Visit in Campeche; do not miss any!

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Art and History between the bastions and ramparts

Ah Kin Pech, the place of the Lord of the Sun, was named San Lazaro by the Spanish conquerors, who on hearing the original name “Can Pech” spoken by the natives, hispanicized its pronunciation and renamed it Villa de San Francisco de Campeche, beginning their conquest of Yucatan.

Historical Center

If you walk through the streets of its old town, a World Heritage Site, within its walls you will discover the fascinating stories and legends of pirates, conquerors and Mayan settlers. The city conserves its huge bastions and ramparts, which defended its rich legacy of temples, plazas and palaces from pirate attacks.

Important Events

San Roman Fair | Carnival | Equinox | Day of the Death |Historical Centre Festival
Campeche has kept the original flavor of neighborhoods intact since it was founded, such as San Román old neighborhood where it hosts the festival of the Black Christ, the largest in the state; this event takes place every September. Its Carnival, the oldest in the country, has been celebrated for over 450 years. You do not want to miss the Spring Equinox Celebration on March 21. Or, if you are here on November, enjoy the traditional celebration of Day of The Death. These events are not to be missed!


Don’t forget to satisfy your appetite. The city has some of the best food in the state. Fresh seafood and fish are delivered to the local eateries and restaurants. Everything is deliciously prepared: fried oysters, wrapped pampano fish with achiote and a pinch of cumin, squid stuffed with shrimp, tamales stuffed with chaya leaf and boiled egg wrapped in banana leaves. Delicious! Some of these are offered in our restaurant!


Campeche is more than just the state capital. It is located beside the archaeological site of Edzná. Get away and travel to the ancestral home of Mayan civilization. Edzná occupied an area of over 25 km2. Around its large plaza, are the Great Acropolis, the Platform of the Knives, the Large House, a sacbé or white road, a ball game court, a complex of temples to the south of the Great Plaza, the Small Acropolis, and an interesting network of irrigation canals, among others.


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