The landmark 59th Street, Historic Center of Campeche

Extract from ” The landmark 59th Street, Historic Center of Campeche ”
By Alicia Gomez Montejo
Courtesy of Canvas Municipal Chronicles April-June 2011 No. 30
Thanks to Dr José Manuel Alcocer Bernés, Chronicler of the City
Translation by Karen Paredes.
The […]

Where should I take my next trip?

Where should I take my next trip?
By Marlui Plascencia – Sales and Marketing Manager at Casa Don Gustavo Boutique Hotel
Where should I take my next trip? There are so many things in this beautiful world […]

Traditions, Culture and Special Events in Campeche and the Gran Peninsula Maya that you can´t miss!


Campeche is beautiful in many ways: beaches, archeological sites, colonial cities and more. But, Campeche is also rich in culture and traditions that have existed for years and years and have been part of […]

Calakmul, Mixed World Heritage by UNESCO

Calakmul, which in Mayan means two adjacent mounds, impresses, leaves no one indifferent … Inserted into the jungle itself up between the treetops, the remains of the Ancient Maya City of Calakmul in 2002 declared […]

Where is Campeche? Hidden Treasure of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

Where is Campeche? How to get there? A quick guide on how to get to this beautiful city.


San Francisco de Campeche is the capital of the state of Campeche and head of the municipality of […]

Campeche Top 10 Things to Do and Visit by Casa Don Gustavo

Welcome to Campeche! There are many things to see and do, these is our Top 10!

– Unique Mixed World Heritage by UNESCO, ancient Mayan city located in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. Distance: 305 kilometers.
Coast Beaches.- […]

Estándar Suite

Comfortable and spacious, these suites are located on the first and second floor of the house around our Central Patio. Decorated with style featuring Austrian crystal and bronze lamps and ceiling fixtures, these rooms inspire […]

Junior Suite

The Junior Suites have unique personality; one of them, Carlota, welcomes us with an anteroom with a Victorian table in cedar, mahogany chairs from English manufacture, lit with a beautiful crystal chandelier. The room could […]

Máster Suite

They carry part of our history, Don Gustavo master suite has a bedroom set in walnut veneer Louis XVI style, said once belonged to General Salvador Alvarado while in Mérida when he served as Governor […]